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Compliant With Current Global Regulations

iComply the first platform in the world capable of maintaining compliance to current securities regulation for the issuance and the only platform capable of live secondary trading of Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, & Regulated Digital Assets. Supporting accredited and non-accredited investors.

World’s Most Powerful Token Platform

iComply provides issuers with a step-by-step workflow automation, compliance and risk management.

Leveraging both iComplyKYC for financial risk and intelligence data with our patented Prefacto technology to manage counterparty risk in the live secondary markets of ICOs, STOs, and other regulated digital assets.

Each software license can be used to steamline your presale, live crowdsale, and secondary trade monitoring for an unlimited number of tokens.

Why iComply

iComply is the only solution in the world capable of maintaining compliance for both initial offerings and secondary trading of utility and security tokens. Liability extends beyond the initial offering… We provide clarity & confidence.

Primary Issuance

ONE STOP: ID, KYC, AML, ATF, Blockchain Forensics Verify corporations, accredited investors, and venture funds by performing compliance checks on leadership & company on a country-by-country basis.  Issuers can manage the entire compliance workflow of a global offering in one place; saves time, money, and reducing risk, while providing Investors with information and confidence.


Secondary Trading

TRANSACTION MONITORING Utilizing iComplyICO’s patent pending Prefacto™ dApp technology issuers can approve or reject investments made on the blockchain before the transfer of funds has occurred.

Audit & Reporting

Own your token data and track all transactions and investors in a single dashboard. iComply provides a single interface to monitor and manage the ongoing compliance and reporting needs of your business. Comprehensive Source of Funds reports for every investor in your offering meet standards such as FINRA, FINTRAC, FCA, MAS, etc and help when….not if…you are audited or need to open a bank account.

Token Issuers

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Issuing an ICO or STO
  • Global Regulatory Requirements Checks
  • Approve or Reject Investments: Prefacto
  • Track All Investors in a Single Dashboard
  • Onboard investors through your site or via email with a secure widget
  • Starting at $500/mo

TOKen Investors

  • Single ID for across all our clients
  • Easily Invest in Multiple offerings
  • Secure and Portable KYC, Register once, log in everywhere
  • No Need to Continually Providing ID documentation, wallet addresses, etc.
  • Manage Lost and Stolen Wallets
  • View every transaction or current holdings
  • Add your own wallets, 100% non custodial

Exchanges & Stakeholders

  • Onboarding tools for to screen ICO/STO teams and token holders
  • Global Standards and Corporate Entity Due Diligence Checks
  • Integrated Dashboards
  • Explore Global Gateway
  • Supporting centralized and decentralized exchange architectures
  • Access vetted deal flow and new markets through our partner network.

Global Gateway

Need help or advice preparing your token offering for a specific jurisdiction? iComply offers a free and open marketplace of industry-leading legal, compliance, marketing and technical experts from jurisdictions around the world to support your offering!

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“Cryptocurrency tokens issued as securities offer a much more efficient way to raise capital and form a community of investors with a vested interest in the product.”

~ Hacked.com

“The Prefacto Compliance Protocol addresses potential issues and verifies trades before they occur, reducing skepticism and hesitance investors may otherwise have.”

~ Trulioo