2018 Research Paper

2018 Research Paper

The Compliance Trilemma: Challenges for ICOs


iComply Investor Services Inc. is proud to bring our latest Research Paper to the public.

This exciting new research was executed over 8 months in collaboration with 40 PhD candidates, leading legal and financial, and advisory firms, as well as regulatory agencies actively engaged with crypto-assets. The goal of the research was to determine broadly the future of global crypto asset regulation.

This new paper covers:

  • How traditional regulation poses a large burden on North American financial services, with costs exceeding 15% of gross revenues. Blockchain can decrease these costs and the overall burden of compliance.
  • Why Blockchain offers unique capabilities that enhance data privacy and immutability that can unlock significant benefits for cost savings, automation, and AI/ML strategies.
  • How new standards and regulations that could enable industry maturity and adoption.

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Compliance automation for regulated digital assets