iComply Investor Services Inc.


iComply Investor Services Inc. (iComply) is a regulatory technology company that specializes in compliance automation for multi-jurisdictional, non-face-to-face transactions built for digital finance and crypto-assets. Two products are currently on the market to address these needs.

iComplyKYC provides a standalone identity verification utility that can be used to digitally onboard corporations and individual users. This covers; UBO, AML screening, global document authentication, facial recognition and blockchain forensics as well as jurisdiction-specific requirements needed to meet the requirements for regulated Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), Money Services Businesses (MSB’s), Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs), Broker-Dealers (BDs), and Alternative Trading Systems (ATS’s).

The second product, iComplyICO, is a complete end-to-end solution built for the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for the issuance of Security, Utility and Non-fungible tokens with financial-grade KYC/AML/ATF (from iComplyKYC). Use of the platform gives Issuers and their Advisory Teams the ability to restrict and manage primary and secondary trading, record keeping, and reporting across the company’s lifecycle and an unlimited number of token issuances.

iComply strives to enable companies to utilize new funding mechanics to access global markets, liberating the free flow of ideas and capital.

iComplyICO Solution

The ability to charge for participation from all parties is difficult in the current environment. iComplyICO provides the elegant solution: an automated platform that connects the token ecosystem in a compliant way, charging users a license fee to access the platform. This system ensures investor trust and security with a verified onboarding system.