A Single Platform For Managing Risk & Compliance 

Without iComply, Issuers, Investors, Exchanges, and Security Token Platforms must rely on a myriad of traditional vendors for KYC screening, corporate verification, accredited investor certification, and country by country variations on how the token is traded. Once all of that is complete your obligations have only begun for security tokens and, in many jurisdictions, ICOs. Without iComply’s patented Prefacto™ technology, it can be difficult or impossible to properly manage secondary trading.

iComply is here to solve these problems so you can focus on growing your business.

Transform your compliance from your biggest headache to your biggest strategic advantage.


Issuers remain liable for tokens they create. It is important to maintain a ledger of every investor – whether corporate or individual – who have purchased or currently own a token,  The iComply platform autonomously tracks these details in real time. All users and transactions are screened against hundreds of global databases to meet Tier 3 financial license requirements for broker dealers, money services business, electronic money transmitters, etc for over 150 jurisdictions around the world.


There are many, many service providers who claim these days to be blockchain or cryptocurrency experts.  There are very few legal and regulatory with the expertise and expereince to provide proper guidance to issuers. The iComply platform provides Issuers access to best in class Service Providers covering over 50 legal, marketing, smart contract auditing, custodians, accountancy, custom development, and even token deployment support, 



iComply offers all of our clients free access to Smart Contracts that have been audited by independent third parties. These include tokens for Stable Coins, Non-Fungible Tokens, Security Token (both Debt or Equity), Fund Unit Tokens, and the good old fashioned ERC20 standard. This saves you $30-50,000 per token! Of course, you can bring in your own custom token but we do require an independent third party audit of your smart contracts before you go live.

Global Coverage

Coverage for over 150 countries. The KYC requirements, AML and ATF screening, securities and financial regulations change country by country. Access new markets quickly and scale your business faster than your competition by ensuring your compliance program meets or exceeds the local regulations of every investor counterparty to a token transaction.


Compliance is the name of the game: GDPR, BSA, FinCEN, OFAC, etc. iComply is built to the current regulations and global best practice standards. Whether onboarding users, minting and issuing tokens, or managing secondary trading restrictions through the labyrinth of country by country variations our platform is here to do the heavy lifting. 


Creating, selling, or even airdropping a token can create legal, accounting, securities or commodities issues. Due to the global nature of how tokens trade it is possible for your token to be classified as a utility in one jurisdiction and a security in another. Using iComply’s patented Prefacto technology you can automate and even update restrictions at the token level. Simple click and deploy rule sets enable your admin to update secondary trading compliance, governance, and risk management.

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