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Available for security, utility, non-fungible tokens and stable coins. Manage the entire crowdsale process and use Prefacto™ for full secondary trade management built to current securities regulations for over 150 jurisdictions and completely customizable.

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Know your customer

All users accessing the iComply platform must undergo global best practice and financial-grade KYC, ATF, AML verification, including sanctions and PEP checks. Our patented multi-jurisdictional automation engine will then enhance the users workflow and ensure you meet the specific requirements of where your user is domiciled. 80-90% of users are processed fully autonomously in under 20 seconds. 

Issuer Dashboard

Monitor and manage all purchases and trades of all your iComply-listed offerings.  Issue an unlimited number of tokens for a single SaaS fee. The issuer dashboard provides a single view of all transactions, both primary issuance and secondary trades for each token, and provides all information necessary to approve or reject transactions during the presale, crowdsale, and in real time on the secondary markets. 

Non Custodial

Reduce custodial risk by letting your investors use their own wallet and own their own assets. While the iComply platform has the slickest user experience with Metamask wallets, we can fully support Ledger, Trezor, or any Ethereum wallet for ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, Security Tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens, and Stable Coins. If you want a custody solution we have licensed and regulated partners in our Global Gateway network.


Blockchain Forensics

An OFAC sanction requirement, iComply’s proprietary KYT (Know Your Transaction) service is incorporated into every KYC screening and every monetary transaction involved in your token issuance or secondary trade. This is done in a 100% automated manner to ensure you check every transaction across all of the entities wallets on BTC, Dash, ETH and ETHC.


Also known as Know Your Business (KYB) the iComply platform can verify institutional and corporate investors, as well as qualified investment corporations to the standards of over 150 jurisdictions globally. We screen for valid incorporation status, ultimate beneficial ownerships, sanctions, watchlists, and blockchain forensics for the entity as well as their major shareholders, directors, officers, and principals.

Global Gateway

iComply’s Global Gateway network connects you to qualified advisors from around the world. Access over 50 legal, advisory, accountancy, marketing, smart contract auditing and custom development firms with industry leading experience. Of course, you are welcome to use your own advisors if you prefer.



Maintain complete control over token trades for both primary issuances and on the buy and sell side of all secondary trades for the entire life of your token. iComply’s patented Prefacto™ technology allows your token to become “self-aware” and autonomously report each trade to the Compliance Ledger so you do not have to manually generate filings or audit reports.


Smart Contracts

Free access to iComply’s market-ready, independent, third-party audited Smart Contracts, prepared to meet various use cases and help get your project started more cost-effectively and using global industry best practices. You can bring your own custom token into our platform but we do require an independent third party to audit the contracts before your deployment. 


iComply enables your investor to easily certify their status as Accredited Investors, Qualified Investment Buyers (QIB), or Qualified Investment Corporation (QIC). This is done to the requirements of their local country, for every country in the world that requires accreditation. All verifications or certifications are signed off by a practicing lawyer or certified public accountant (CPA). 

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