The Problem

Today, most ICO Issuers are at risk of shut downs, fines, sanctions, class action lawsuits and jail time for illegally issuing a security to US, Canadian, and European citizens. Meanwhile, regulators are stretched thin and have not been able to keep up with the onslaught of new ICOs emerging on a global decentralized scale.

But that’s just ICOs…as it turns out, decentralized capital markets are not the only ones struggling with fraud, misrepresentations, pump and dumps, and an overall lack of integrity. How can blockchain technology be leveraged to solve these critical issues?

The Solution – Prefacto Compliance

The iComplyICO Prefacto Compliance Protocol is the world’s first and only solution to verify compliance on secondary trades over blockchain. Verifying each transaction at the protocol layer ensures that potential issuers are flagged and addressed ‘prefacto’, before the immutable trade occurs.

iComplyICO’s Prefacto Compliance Protocol is currently available for the Ethereum blockchain. Contact us for a demo or ask us about our private white label solution for your own blockchain, mesh, or centralized trading systems.

Welcome to iComplyICO!

If one thing can be said for ICOs it is that they have proven highly effective for raising capital. So effective that this nascent market has attracted many bad actors looking to make a fast dollar at the expense of the integrity of the markets and investor protection. Every one of us has a role to play if we want to see the power of blockchain and DLT incorporated into mainstream financial markets.

The ICO Issuer Dashboard

This powerful dashboard enables the ICO issuer to collaborate with their own legal, compliance, business, and financial advisors to structure their offering, build a whitelist, and monitor compliance during live secondary trading. We do not charge tokens or consulting fees but rather have an attractive SaaS pricing model.

Interested in a demo? Register as an ICO Issuer and our team of specialists will be in touch.

iComply for Investors

Just because some 13 year old in their basement comes up with a world changing concept for a decentralized token does not mean they should hold your passport photo. Using proprietary, zero-knowledge proof technology, iComplyID gives you portable KYC, where you own your personal data and have the power to see who is trying to access your information.

Manage your wallets with an interactive dashboard and features such as lost and stolen wallet reporting, compliance scoring, and tax report generation. Register for free today to get started.

Lawyers, Accountants, Developers, and Advisors

So you want to do an ICO? Cool story bro…so does everyone, and their dog.

Just like ICO investors, lawyers, developers, consultants, and other service providers spend countless hours trying to find legitimate projects – with a budget – to work on. Whether you are a developer looking to license your smart contract, a lawyer looking to transform your business, or a consultant trying to sift through potential ICOs, the service provider directory will ensure you get a vetted deal flow from clients who want to do their ICO right.

Register now, it’s free for the first three service providers in any jurisdiction globally!

Public Disclosures & Data Analytics

Each new ICO must provide a series of open to the public disclosures of both the offering and the network statistics in order to ‘go live’ on the iComplyICO platform. The highly structured, public, and immutable nature of a blockchain network creates incredible new opportunities for machine learning, data science, and advanced analytics. This creates exciting new opportunities for issuers, their advisors, and their respective regulatory authorities to collaborate in creating an exciting new market built on trust, integrity, transparency, and democratization.

Compliance automation for regulated digital assets